Pet Photography

Whether it be a dog, a cat, a horse, a cow, a turtle or any other size that your pet may be, what better way to celebrate their life with unforgettable portraits taken by Rick Peil Photography. Treat yourself, or offer portrait sessions to other pet lovers just like yourself! Gift certificates are available.

Our animals can not be with us for our whole life, but we always remember in our hearts. Keep the memory alive throughout life, by allowing us to capture their beautiful photos. Pets are full of energy and not every photographer can reveal the essence of your pet through photography. By scheduling a session with  Rick Peil Photography, you can gain confidence by knowing that each photo of your pet will show their energy and personality.

If you are interested in having their pictures in a particular place or at our office, we can meet your needs of photography for pets!

Call us today so we can arrange a consultation if you live in Scranton, PA or the surrounding area!

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