Senior Portraits - Girls


Everyone has something that makes them unique. A spark that differentiates them from all the others.

At Rick Peil Photography, we want to capture what makes you special. We strive to catch that spark that sets you apart from the rest of the world. We want to give you the confidence to show off, who you really are inside. Our process is hassle-free, comfortable and offers portraits that you want to display to all your friends and family. We are very confident that we can give you the feeling that you have the best portrait in the Yearbook.

Our goal is to give you photos that truly represent the strong and amazing person you are! We feel confident and comfortable while we create something incredible together.


Senior Pictures - can you believe that this day came so quickly? Your beautiful, intelligent teen has come so far and they will conquer the world! The secret is, we know that you realize how important these pictures are as they will last forever, seniors themselves think they are not a big deal - quite the contrary! To see your child who is confident in themselves is one of the best feelings you can give a parent and at Rick Peil Photography we are able to achieve this.

We know exactly how to take pictures that you and your child will love! Rick Peil Photography includes balance to make both parties happy - you get the portraits that will make you proud of your child and he/she will be confident and never regret they way they look on this special day for years to come.

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