Wedding and Engagement Photography

Around the world, the wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of most couples. For men, it is a daunting day that they need the courage to face. For ladies, it is considered the most beautiful day of their lives. This is a day for all the attention to be put squarely on the bride with the groom right there to make sure everything is okay. Rick Peil Photography specializes in capturing all the events of this special day.

While marriage itself is considered the crowning gesture, Rick Peil Photography realized that making pictures of all the activities during preparation for the wedding is very important.

There are times that show all the moral support the bride needs and gets, as the magical hour approaches. Detecting the bride's expressions as she goes through this time will return the exact and specific moments for years to come.

Of course, Rick Peil Photography captures the beauty of the wedding itself. You will get a groom's reaction, standing in front of the crowd eagerly awaiting this first glimpse of his wife in her wedding gown. The expression on the groom's face at this time is one that will be captured forever.

Imagine the picture with the flower girl running, and with the beautiful bride going down the aisle with the Father. Rick Peil Photography knows how to move quietly during the actual ceremony to get images of the bride, groom, and priest as they pass by their vows.

We will ensure that they get all the guests in the pictures, as well as the newly married couple who moves through the party. Of course, as the couple cuts, the cake and the bride throws the bouquet to the ladies who are present.

With our range of product offerings even the most demanding customers, we love and are always ready to go out of the box to meet a demand. If there is anything you want, just ask and we will do our best to do it!

Quality work is important for everyone, and Rick Peil photography takes this very seriously. We believe every image deserves a life of its own so that all the images we offer customers get a special note. If you are uncomfortable in front of a camera, Rick Peil Photography promises to develop a working relationship so that you feel good about it. So great that you can not help but feel like you just hired a good friend.

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